Native Environment Type: Aquatic
Estimated Age: 1 to 2 million years minimum
Sentience Type: Extreme Tool Users
Technology Type: Organic Crystalline Materials
Technology Level: Highly Advanced
Unknown, their ships are all militarized so it is highly unlikely a ‘civilian’ government exists.
Physical Characteristics:
The Qel (for short) are an amphibious cephalopod derived race.
Rumor among spacefaring civilizations says the Qel-Ne’Par actually left their homeworld just before a massive climate shift. The same rumor states they have been searching for their homeworld for quite some time now, however they don’t seem to know where it is.
Known Location:
They don’t tend to ‘settle’ planets, preferring to stay in space or to bases developed on planetary bodies for mining and other resources gathering activities. Because of this Their proscribed territory is both very large and yet quite likely you would miss encountering them if you entered this territory.
Military Power:
They have large numbers of very large ships, with even their smallest ships often at least 1 km long. All their technology seems to be derived from organic sources, so even their basic devices heal damage over time and can die from ‘old age’ or ‘lack of food’. However most of their tech seems to consume some form of energy as ‘food’ and ‘old age’ seems to be measured in decades or more, though the details are lacking.

They are known to ‘adapt’ other living creatures to their needs. In at least one known case they captured an inhabited alien world and within a decade modified creatures from that world were seen in military engagements. However they had been ‘remodeled’ to meet the needs of the Qel. At least one had been altered so a Qel could ‘interface’ with it and then use it like some kind of vehicle. It is likely that most ‘technology’ used by the Qel has been adapted in a similar way.
Relations with other spacefaring civilizations:
Encounters with Qel-Ne’Par vessels are highly variable. Sometimes an encounter will end in combat, other times they remain completely silent unless provoked, and on occasion they even seem ‘friendly’ as far as their race goes. This leaves most outsiders confused. As a rule of thumb it is best said that anyone encountering them should stay out of their way.

Adapted Races

Military Units:


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