Human Corporations

Ares Corporation

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Militech, Manufacturing, Mining, Robotics, Electronics
  • Origins: Ares System (Gliese 876)
  • Background: Ares is possibly the best known corporation within known space and effectively owns the Ares System. They primarily do business by mining the system and then making ships, robots, manufactured goods, and electronics.


  • Markets: Militech, Manufacturing
  • Origins:
  • Background: AQX is a manufacturer of personal weapons, armor, and vehicles.


  • Markets: Cognitive Science, Mental Implants, Psychosurgery, Nootropics
  • Origins:
  • Background: Cognite is a researcher of human intelligence augmentations through drugs, implants, surgery, or adaptive learning techniques.

ComEx (Comet Express)

  • Markets: Courier Service, Shipping, Logistics, Transportation
  • Origins: Singapore Tether Station (Earth, Sol System)
  • Background: ComEx is the largest freighter services company around, though hardly the only one. They also used to run the comm drone system before the Colony Rebellion allowing communications with the colonies and earth. Afterwards HPG (Hyper Pulse Generators) communications took over, displacing most of the business ComEX did. However courier services still hold an important place for large volumes of data.

Direct Action

  • Markets: Security Services, Military Contracting
  • Origins:
  • Background: Direct Action is one of the premiere security services companies, acting as mercenaries across known space.


  • Markets: Environmental Systems, Genetics
  • Origins:
  • Background: Ecologene is best known for environmental systems including most of the systems used for life support in commercial and military ships. It also includes hydroponics facilities for stations and ships and even research on planets for better potential plant an animal resources that may give benefits in their fields.


  • Markets: AI, Electronics, Software
  • Origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: Exotech has had a hand in development of military and commercial drone systems for over a century. This includes the Vulture UCV and Hound Drone from the Colony Rebellion period. It also includes the design of all SAN military drones.


  • Markets: Media (AR/VR/XP), News, Entertainment, Memetics
  • Origins:
  • Background: Experia is at the fore front of modern media. They created VR and XP media technologies, run the interstellar Experia News Services (ENS), provides a wide variety of entertainment services, and offer memetic services to anyone who can afford them.

Fa Jing

  • Markets: Mining, Energy, Biotech, Industrial Manufacturing
  • Origins: Singapore Tether Station (Earth, Sol System), Pioneer Station (Tantalus System)
  • Background: Fa Jing is the company that originally started mining the asteroid belt during the early space era, however with the rise of an independent Ceres and the beginning of the corporate wars. Later on they returned to mining farther out in the system including the jupiter trojans and kuiper belt. Though they had already divested into energy generation technologies and biotech. When interstellar travel became possible they made major investments in Tantalus where they established industrial manufacturing facilities. While corporate-wise they stayed out of the colony rebellion, their Tantalus facilities aided the colonies when possible and still exist.


  • Markets: Research, XP Media, Colonization, Exploration
  • Origins:
  • Background: The Gatekeeper corporation is relatively new compared to some other big corporations, but they had a hand in the original FTL research project and the original interstellar flights. Since then they have launched FTL system survey probes and system survey missions mapping initial surveys of many systems. They also record these as well as other system survey missions. Part of their media appeal is adventuring in unknown places and they even offer people who contribute enough a chance to come with them on these adventures.


  • Markets: Genetics, Cloning, Biotech
  • Origins:
  • Background: Genetech is an company known for genetic engineering, cloning, and biotechnology research. Officially however they support the ban on cloning research outside medical replacement technology. Unofficially they have been rumored to have full human cloning trials. Even so Genetech is known for their advances to modern lifespans through moderate use of genetic engineering.


  • Markets: Banking, Agritech, Robotics, Services
  • Origins:
  • Background: Go-Nin was originally a Chinese banking consortium. They have diversified their holdings due to the corporate wars. One of their first products was the Zipper Drone for the UEG military. They did a lot of Agritech business with the rise of colony worlds and then branched out further into a variety of service industries.

Gorgon Industries

  • Markets: Militech, Security, Military Contracting
  • Origins:
  • Background: Gorgon is a two prong company. On one side they design and build weapon, armor, and vehicle systems. On the other hand they contract out security services to almost anyone that can meet their fees. Gorgon industries sells a way of life as much as anything else and lots of gangs buy Gorgon gear to live it.


  • Markets: Electronics, Mesh Systems, Communications
  • Origins:
  • Background: Nimbus has long worked on communication technologies and related electronics. They are behind part of the work of the original mesh systems and still sell arguably the highest quality mesh systems available. Their relatively new HPG (Hyper Pulse Generator) communication systems allow small amounts of data to be sent at FTL speeds between systems. However most ships don’t have the power to run these devices, so only planets tend to house them.


  • Markets: Nanofabrication, Chemicals, Energy, Anti-Matter
  • Origins: Da Vinci Aerostat (Venus, Sol System)
  • Background: Omnicor is probably best known for nanofabrication units. On top of this they constantly research and work with new chemical compounds to allow both a broader range of fabrication and to sell to other companies. They also do advanced research and development on nuclear fission, fusion, and antimatter systems.


  • Markets: Colonization, Mining, Research
  • Origins: Gulliver Station (Tantalus System)
  • Background: Pathfinder is best known for colonization services, though they also have a hefty stake in Tantalus including owning a station there. Even lesser known for their various research projects.


  • Markets: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Pharmaceuticals
  • Origins: Alice (Arcadia, Tau Ceti System) & Ocean City (Oceania, 82G Eridani)
  • Background: Prosperity deals primarily in agriculture and aquaculture, their original research is mostly from Earth and was adapted to ecologies on Arcadia and Oceania. They also deal in organic pharmaceuticals developed from agricultural and aquacultural sources.


  • Markets: Banking, Insurance, Investments, Futures Markets, Info Brokerage
  • Origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: Solaris is an interstellar banking, insurance, investment, futures, and brokerage company. If it deals with money, they deal in it. They could be argued as the monetary heart of the Systems Alliance.


  • Markets: Uplifts, Pharming, Pharmaceuticals, Genetics
  • Origins:
  • Background: Somatek is best known for their pharmaceuticals and genetics research including modifying human crops to grow on colony worlds or modifying alien crops to be edible to humans. They also regularly run into the ire of animal rights groups as they do a lot of research including animals. It has been said that they have a project to uplift a variety of animal species to human levels of intelligence for over a century, so far without success.

Stellar Intelligence

  • Markets: Intelligence, Data Mining, Info Brokerage, Espionage
  • Origins:
  • Background: Stellar Intelligence was formed from the ashes of the UEG Intelligence Directorate (UEGID) in the aftermath of the fall of the UEG. UEGID assets were still in place all over known space and while the UEG disbanded the directorate saw no need to break down their intelligence machinery. Instead they incorporated and now sell their intelligence services to the highest bidder, working for or against whoever can pay them. The SAN Intelligence Division is often at odds with them, but nothing in the SA charter specific precludes what they do.


  • Markets: Terraforming, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Data
  • Origins:
  • Background: TerraGenesis is possibly best known for their efforts to terraform mars. It has not yet been finished, but it was always considered a slow process. Similar efforts have started on some of the colonies. They also do serious environmental and ecosystem research even on frontier worlds.

Weyland Corp

  • Markets: Robotics, Mining, Shipping, Exploration
  • Origins:
  • Background:

Far Isle Company (FIC)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Militech, Mining, Shipping, Robotics, Habitat Construction, Exploration
  • Origins: Far Isles System
  • Background: FIC is best known for being a fringe government, but it is also a major corporation that does a lot of business in known space.

Wushuang Corporation

  • Markets: Consumer Goods, Fabrication Designs
  • Origins: China (Earth, Sol System)
  • Background: The Wushuang Corporation is the legal front for the Sun On Yee triad.

Galaxy Entertainment Group

  • Markets: Gambling, Entertainment, Fighting Tournaments
  • Origins: China (Earth, Sol System)
  • Background: Galaxy Entertainment Group is the legal front for the 14K Triad. The run a wide collection of casinos both on Earth and around known space. They are also known for their Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments gathering the best fighters from known space. GEG is also known for distributing porn.


  • Markets: Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Habitat Construction
  • Origins:
  • Background:

Orion Aerospace Corporation (OAC)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: Orion Aerospace is probably best known for the Excelsior Shuttle. In fact they still do a small business in ‘new’ shuttles, but most of their money has changed into making parts for shuttles still in use and refurbishing them.

Lunar Manufacturing (LM)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Origins:
  • Background: Possibly best known for constructing the Da Vinci Aerostat, though they also made the Sparrow Spaceplane and Rampage Dropship.

Solar Frontiers (SF)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Origins:
  • Background: This company is best known for their series of fighter designs that served in the colony rebellions. While they have made more recent designs the SF-11C & SF-14C are the ones people still remember and not in an entirely favorable way.

Mars Aerospace Group (MAG)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering and Constructing
  • Origins: Mars Shipyards (Mars, Sol System)
  • Background: Mars Aerospace Group is the team that runs the Mars Shipyards. In some form or another they have been running the shipyards for a very long time making a variety of aerospace designs for commercial and military groups.

Argent Arms

  • Markets: Militech, Manufacturing
  • Origins: Belgium (Earth, Sol System)
  • Background: Once known by names such as FN, H&K, Beretta, and Colt. They merged after the corporate wars and continue to specialize in small arms.

TAS Industries

  • Markets: Militech, Manufacturing
  • Origins:
  • Background:

Tantalus Ship Group (TSG)

  • Markets: Aerospace Engineering, Militech, Manufacturing, Electronics
  • Origins: Tantalus System
  • Background: TSG was developed originally to service civilian commercial ships in Tantalus. However they become a design group for ‘low tech’ easily manufactured colony rebel designs during the rebellion era and went on to continue making basic ‘military’ ships afterwards for select buyers.

Human Corporations

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