Negri Micro Missiles

Negri Micro Missiles are built in a Selph factory from several local resources. The Selph used them as anti-personal smart munitions and found the right resources and slaves to run the plant on Negris. Once the Selph left the Negri continued to build these as they are infinitely better then anything they could create for the same size. Their size in fact is their most interesting feature as they are no more than a foot and a half long and a few inches in diameter.

They use a form of high explosive detonator, with a hyper-spectral emission sensor, all driven by a type of gravitic propulsion system. The downside to using them in space is they lack endurance, the power module simply being to small to power the fast moving projectiles beyond around 150km. Inside an atmosphere however they are wickedly fast and agile, loosing none of the speed they can achieve in space.


  • Cruise/Max: 500G, Mach 20, 1/2 LS.

Negri Micro Missiles

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