Lacaille 8760

Lacaille 8760 (AX Microscopii) is a red dwarf star in the constellation Microscopium, the microscope. Although it is slightly too faint to be seen without a telescope from Earth, it is one of the nearest stars to the Sun at about 12.9 light years distance. In the past Lacaille 8760 has been classified anywhere from spectral class K7 down to M2. In 1979 it was discovered that it is a flare star, and it was given the variable star designation AX Microscopii. As a flare star it is relatively quiet, only erupting on average less than once per day.

Lacaille 8760 orbits around the galaxy with a relatively high ellipticity of 0.23. Its closest approach to the Sun occurred about 20,000 years ago when it came within 12 ly (3.7 pc). Due to its low mass (60% of our Sun), it has an expected lifespan of about 7.5 × 1010 years, seven times more than for the Sun.

Although Lacaille 8760 is the brightest red dwarf star visible in the night sky, it is still too dim to be viewed by the average naked eye. It is also one of the largest and brightest red dwarf stars known, with about 60% the mass and 51% the radius of the Sun.

One single mesoplanet orbits the star with a handful of asteroids.

Lacaille 8760

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