ICF Cerberus Destroyer




The Cerberus Destroyer is a ICF design from the Korona League Foundries. It is bordering between a Heavy Frigate and a Destroyer, with a size/mass more equal to a Destroyer though it’s guns are fairly light for a pure combat design.

Design Notes

The Cerberus is one of the ICF’s submarine inspired designs, though much flatter in design than the others. It’s very teardrop shaped, with a large ‘command deck’ sprawling out on the upper hull.


The Cerberus has 4 Heavy Turret Mounts using Dual Barrel Mark 1 Hammer Heavy Railgun Turrets and 12 Turret Mounts using Mark 1 Hammer Railgun Turrets. It then also has 2 Heavy Missile Bays using 2-Tube TItan ASM Launchers. These launchers have no reloads, so it’s 4 shots and then they are dry until it can find a yard to resupply at.


ICF Cerberus Destroyer

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