Hod System


Hody (previously called Wolf 1061 or V2306 Ophiuchi) is a red dwarf star. It is located relatively near Sol, at a distance of about 13.8 light years, in the constellation Ophiuchus. It has a relatively high proper motion and has not been found to have any unusual spectroscopic features.

They were offered a place in the Systems Alliance equal to any of the colony worlds. They refused and have remained neutral preferring to operate as a ‘hive of scum and villainy’. Hod’s son took over as ‘admiral of the fleet’ when his father died and they have a decent military force they use to protect themselves. However the Hod family and the descendants of the original ship make what passes for law as well as commanding the ships of their defense force.

Planets and locations

  • Inferno, Super-Earth Lava Planet
  • Barren,
  • Hod’s Giant, Gas GIant
    • Hod Habitat
    • Hod’s World, Super-Earth Ice Planet
  • Rocky
  • Rocky
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Gas Giant I
  • Gas Giant II
  • Gas Giant III
    • Hod Refueling Station
  • Frozen, Ice Planet
  • Lookout, Ice Planet
    • Patrol Station


  • Interstellar Era:
  • Modern Era:

Culture and FashionStyle_34.png

Life in the Hod system is usually brutal if your not one of ‘the family’, however mercenaries, thieves, and pirates routinely make their way in and out of this area. Since this is not a SA system the normal rules do not apply. The family however does keep some rules in place so as not to come under fire from the SA military.

Hod System

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