Gliese 832

Gliese 832 (Gl 832 or GJ 832) is a red dwarf (spectrum M1.5V) in the constellation Grus. It is located relatively close to the Sun, at a distance of 16.1 light years. Gliese 832 has about half the mass and radius of the Sun. Gliese 832 emits X-rays.

Gliese 832 b (Gl 832 b or GJ 832 b) is a Jupiter like planet. The planet takes 3416 days to revolve at an orbital distance of 3.4 AU; this is the longest-period Jupiter-like planet orbiting a red dwarf. The brightness of the faint parent star at that distance corresponds to the brightness of the Sun from 80AU (or a 100 times brighter than a full Moon as seen from Earth).

Gliese 832 c is a super-Earth mass planet in the habitable zone of Gliese 832. The planet is at just the right distance from its sun to allow liquid water to exist on its surface.

Gliese 832 also has a faint comet disc, it was undetectable until the system was surveyed.

Gliese 832

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