Gliese 440

LP 145-141 is a white dwarf located 15 light years from the Solar System. It is the fourth closest known white dwarf to the Sun (after Sirius B, Procyon B, and van Maanen’s star.)

White dwarfs are no longer generating energy at their cores through nuclear fusion, and instead are steadily radiating away their remaining heat. LP 145-141 has a DQ spectral classification, indicating that it is a rare type of white dwarf which displays evidence of atomic or molecular carbon in its spectrum.

LP 145-141 has only 75% of the Sun’s mass, but it is the remnant of a massive main-sequence star that had an estimated 4.4 solar masses. While it was on the main sequence, it probably was a spectral class B star (in the range B4-B9). Most of the star’s original mass was shed after it passed into the asymptotic giant branch stage, just prior to becoming a white dwarf.

LP 145-141 may be a member of the Wolf 219 moving group, which has seven possible members. These stars share a similar motion through space, which may indicate a common origin. This group has an estimated space velocity of 160 km/s and is following a highly eccentric orbit through the Milky Way galaxy.

Gliese 440

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