Gliese 1

Gliese 1 is a red dwarf in the constellation Sculptor, which is found in the southern celestial hemisphere. It is one of the closest stars to the Sun, at an approximate distance of 14.2 light years. Because of its proximity to the Earth it is a frequent object of study and much was known about its physical properties and composition even before it was visited. With a magnitude of about 8.5 it is too faint to be seen without a telescope from Earth.

The stellar classification of this star has been rated from M1.5V to M4.0V by various sources. Gliese 1 is estimated to have 45–48% of the Sun’s mass and 46–48% of the Sun’s radius.

This star is suspected of being a BY Draconis-type variable star with the provisional variable star designation NSV 15017. It is also suspected of being a flare star. Like other flare stars, it emits X-rays. The temperatures of the layers of the atmosphere of this star have been measured.

No orbiting companions had been found orbiting this star even after a system survey was performed. It is orbiting through the Milky Way galaxy with an orbital eccentricity of 0.45, and a distance from the galactic core that varies from 3,510 to 9,150 parsecs. By comparison, the Sun is currently 8,500 parsecs from the core. Stars with high peculiar velocities are termed runaway stars. This star has a high peculiar velocity of 111.3 km/s, and the velocity vector for this star may link it with the Tucana-Horologium and/or the AB Doradus stellar associations.

Gliese 1

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