Delta Pavonis

Delta Pavonis (δ Pav, δ Pavonis) is a star in the southern circumpolar constellation of Pavo. It has a visual magnitude of 3.56, making it a fourth-magnitude star that is visible to the naked eye from the southern hemisphere. The distance from the Earth is 19.92 light-years (6.11 parsecs), which makes it one of the nearest bright stars to the Solar System.

It is a subgiant of spectral type G8 IV, meaning it is about to stop fusing hydrogen in its core and is starting the process of becoming a red giant. Because of that, Delta Pavonis is 22% brighter than the Sun even though the effective temperature of its outer atmosphere is lower, at 5,604 K. It has 99.1% of the Sun’s mass and 122% of the Sun’s radius. The surface convection zone extends downward to about 43.1% of the star’s radius, but only contains 4.8% of the star’s mass.

Examination of this star shows that it has a higher abundance of elements heavier than helium (or metallicity, as astronomers call it) than does the Sun. This value is typically given in terms of the relative ratio of iron (chemical symbol Fe) to hydrogen (H). The Delta Pavonis metallicity is about 214% in abundance of iron in this star’s atmosphere compared to the general solar abundance.

The age of this star is in the range of 6.6–6.9 billion years old, and the star’s luminosity has increased 60% since it was a zero-age main-sequence star. It appears to be rotating slowly with a projected rotational velocity of 1.0 km s−1.

The UEG Captain to first reach the system and had been given orders from his homeland to claim any habitable system for the nation we would know best as the United Kingdom. He followed those orders to the annoyance of every other UEG member government. This is because Delta Pavonis has not just one, but three habitable worlds.

Planets and other bodies

  • Inner Asteroid Belt
  • Fearach, a habitable desert world
  • Victoria, a earth-like ocean world
  • Northwind, a earth-like jungle world
  • Outer Asteroid Belt
  • Hadrian, a iron planet
  • Dale, a sub-earth
  • Bath, a ice planet
  • Peak, a sub-earth
  • Blackpool, a mesoplanet

Delta Pavonis

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