Colony Rebellion Missiles

The Colony Rebels tended to create a fantastic array of missiles as they didn’t have access to a steady supply. They did buy a lot of missiles like the FIC Dart Trans-sonic Missiles , however the flow of those was very erratic. So the Rebels created a variety of missile components which may or may not work together.


  • Scatter Shot: First created by Captain Sofia Lynn, Scatter Shot warheads are a highly energetic explosives packed in with high density ‘shards’ which are detonated before reaching their target. This creates a massive ‘shotgun blast’ of material to fill space at a high rate of speed. It’s most effective against ‘soft’ targets and fighters.
  • Cluster Warhead: Another dispersal weapon, this one splits into a spread of bomblets that explode over a broader area just before reaching their target. This makes it near impossible to destroy the warhead before it strikes.
  • Bunker Buster: This is a complex warhead which actually has it’s own rocket motor splitting from the primary engine, giving one last burst of speed. The warhead also has a shaped charge on the tip, then a hard penetrator, followed by a final explosive charge. Hopefully the first two stages of the warhead punch through the armor and move into the internal structure, where the final charge then goes off scattering shrapnel to cause more damage.
  • Limpet Mine: Instead of a more typical round these warheads are magnet limpet mines that detach from the engine on approach of their target. On planets they were often used to create impromptu mine fields. In space they could cover a target in mines, and in their initial use causing them to think the missiles that struck were duds. Right until a firing unit made demands and showed how deadly they were.
  • Overloaded Plasma Warhead: Another idea of Captain Lynn’s, this is only possible with Fusion Torch drives as the ‘warhead’ has extra fusion fuel, which is ignited into nuclear plasma which strikes the target. ‘Shooting’ plasma only makes it hotter (energy weapons) or adds mass (kinetic weapons) rather than stopping the strike. Since nuclear plasma is several thousand degrees in temperature it can burn through most armor plating and go on to damage the internals of it’s target.
  • Fuel Air Explosive: These weapons create a thermobaric concussion wave to tear and burn targets. They are very effective against a wide area. However, they are useless in space. They were often nicknamed ‘thumpers’.


  • Heatseekers: A basic AI and a thermal imager is all these have. Sensors: D-
  • Enhanced Guidance: This adds optical sensors and radar to the missile sensors. Sensors: C
  • Multi-Spectral: These are fairly sophisticated and complex items, so they were rare. Sensors: B.


  • HEDM Chemical Rocket: The most basic missile motor is the most common design among colony rebels as they could be made on site. Cruise/Max 20G/2LS.
  • Nuclear Saltwater Rocket (NSR) Drive: nuclear materials are fairly uncommon and only really suitable for use in space, however they are faster than chemical motors. Cruise 6G/45LS, Max 30G/9LS.
  • Ceres Fusion Torch: Ceres provided fusion torch drives like in the UEG Archer Missiles. Cruise 9G/1LM, Max 90/6LS.

Colony Rebellion Missiles

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