BH Scimitar Corvette




The Scimitar Corvette is a Black Hammer design meant to destroy larger vessels and also to strike at ground targets from space. They can fill a wide range of roles, as long as those roles need a hammer. Unlike most ‘bomber’ designs, they can more than hold their own against most fighters between their gimble mounted lasers and heavy cannons.

Design Notes

The Scimitar is obviously related to the ‘Rogue’ series of fighters with both a ball cockpit and a pair of protective ‘wings’. However, the Scimitar is larger. Much larger. With an extended hull behind the the cockpit, almost all of which is filled with weapons and engines. While not very fast or agile, they have considerable range and often work at considerable distances from their carrier or base.


The Scimitar has offensive and defensive weapons. On the defensive side it has a pair of Light Gimble Mounts using Type 2 Light Gimble Lasers. These are a variant of the very same weapon used on the Apostate Space Fighter. It also carries a pair of Heavy Cannon Mounts using Heavy Passion Mark 2 Railguns. On the offensive side are 3 Torpedo Ports using Executioner Torpedo Tubes and a VLS Bay using a 50-Cell Vanguard ERAM VLS. The VLS array has no reloads, so once fired they are gone. It also fires ‘down’ in relation to the vessel which is why they can strike pinpointed targets on the ground while passing overhead.


BH Scimitar Corvette

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