BH Raider Frigate




The Raider Frigate is a Black Hammer design that suits it’s name as it’s designed to enter an area in under stealth and strike targets in packs. They are ideally suited to acting as escorts in fleets and in raiding enemy systems. They make up the bulk of the designs fielded by the Black Hammer.

Design Notes

The Raider is a stretched arrowhead or ‘dagger’ shape stealth design with wings reminiscent of the ‘Rogue Series’ of fighters. Much like in the Rogue Series these are to allow radiating heat without to greatly effecting it’s stealth. It does have some design trade-offs, such as having smaller engines than many other frigates. It’s single engines has it’s exhaust just below the bridge, which itself is along the upper hull at the rear of the design and so far more exposed than many vessels. Much as the case with the bridge the crew quarters and other facilities are literally built around the engine was occupies the center of the design.


The Raider has a mix of weapons starting with 12 Turret Mounts using Type 2 Dual Barrel Armored Laser Turrets. Each of these retracts into the hull when under stealth or not in combat. It also has a Missile Bay 8-Tube Vanguard ERAM Launcher. While these are not anti-ship missiles, they can still give the Raider a decent medium range punch. They also have enough reloads for a dozen volleys of 8, which means they can fire up to 96 missiles before running dry.

While not a carrier, the Raider does have a pair of docking ports which can carry a Corvette each. This lets the Raider bring it’s own escorts.


BH Raider Frigate

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