BH Lancelot Escort Carrier




The Lancelot Escort Carrier is a Black Hammer design, intended more as an assault lander transport and fighter carrier. It is slightly larger than the similar Crusader with a larger hangar bay using most of that space.

Design Notes

The Lancelot is a highly conventional design with a pair of dual exhaust engines in a mostly arrowhead shape. The central hull is almost entirely part of the hangar bay. The engines are the rear part of each side, with the crew quarters being the forward part.


The Lancelot has a staggering array of defensive weapons starting with 4 Turret Mounts using Type 2 Laser Turrets and 61 Light Turret Mounts using Type 1 Light Laser Turrets. These are meant as point defense weapons, with the large number of weapons making up for a slower rate of fire than many SA designs.

However, it’s main armament is it’s fighter squadron. It carries 4 dozen fighters with a pair of dropships or 3 dozen fighters and 6 dropships. It also has 4 Cargo Docking Ports which can hold a set of Corvettes.


BH Lancelot Escort Carrier

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