BH Intruder Corvette




The Intruder Corvette is a Black Hammer design meant to compete with any Corvette among the rest of humanity.

Design Notes

The Intruder, like the Scimitar Corvette, is heavily related to the ‘Rogue Series’ of fighters. Unlike the Scimitar though, the slightly smaller Intruder has no ball cockpit. Instead it has a retractable armored cover and no exterior windows.


The Intruder has a variety of weapons including a pair of Heavy Cannon Mounts using Type 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, a pair of Cannon Mounts using Passion Mark 1 CIWS Railguns, and a pair of Fixed Energy Mounts using Type 2 Lasers. It also has a pair of Missile Bays under retractable armored covers holding 4-Tube Vanguard ERAM Launchers. The Intruder carries three sets of missiles for each launcher, including the ones loaded into the launcher itself so it can fire 24 missiles in total.


BH Intruder Corvette

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