BH Crusader Escort Carrier




The Crusader Escort Carrier is a Black Hammer design intended to fill the role of a small combat carrier. Unlike the Redemption Carrier, it is lightly armed and so can defend itself without relying entirely on it’s fighter contingent. It lets the BH use much larger numbers of fighters than they could otherwise.

Design Notes

The Crusader is a somewhat conventional twin engine design, which is distinctive with it’s split engine booms and vertical fin-like structures. Most of the ship is either engines or hangar bay, with the nose and the ‘sail’ holding things like crew quarters and crew areas.


The Crusader has 12 Turret Mounts using Type 2 Dual Barrel Laser Turrets, though these are not it’s main weapons. Instead it relies on it’s 3 dozen fighters. It may sometimes also carry a contingent of dropships.


BH Crusader Escort Carrier

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