BH Black Hammer Cruiser




The Black Hammer Cruiser is the namesake of the Korona League’s Black Hammer forces. It’s the result of all the materials they brought back to the KL after working in SA and neutral space. They are part escort carrier and part combat vessel rolled into a single platform. This is at the cost of many facilities most other cruisers have as it’s focused on combat. It’s able to perform missile duels with even SAN destroyers and bring it’s own escort force to a battle. While new enough that they are still fairly rare they are arguably the most feared of Black Hammer designs.

Design Notes


The Black Hammer has a large array of weapons. Among it’s direct fire weapons are 4 forward facing Heavy Cannon Mounts using Type 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 12 Turret Mounts using Heavy Passion Mark 2 Railguns for close range support, and 12 Light Turret Mounts using Type 1 Laser Turrets for point defense. Then it has indirect fire weapons consisting of 8 Missile Bays equipped with 5-Tube Inquisitor ASM Launchers and 8 Light Missile Bays equipped with 6-Tube Vanguard ERAM Launchers. For the Black Hammer the ERAMs are more geared for point defense use, while it’s one of the rare BH vessels using ASMs to engage in long range missile duels with 40 missile volleys. At closer ranges the ERAMs can be added to the ASMs for volleys of 88 missiles.

The Black Hammer can carry a decent number of small craft. The typical loadout is 6 fighters and 2 dropships. It also can carry corvettes on it’s cargo docking ports of which their are 4. This lets it run a wing of fighters, a pair of Dropships, and 4 corvettes. This gives the Black Hammer a considerable escort force.


BH Black Hammer Cruiser

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