82G Eridani

82 G. Eridani (HD 20794, HR 1008, e Eridani) is a star about 20 light years away from Earth in the constellation Eridanus. It is a main-sequence star with a stellar classification of G8. Because the system survey was done by Captain Donald Hargut, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Hargut System’

This star is slightly smaller and less massive than the Sun, making it marginally dimmer than the Sun in terms of luminosity; about 20% more luminous than Tau Ceti or Alpha Centauri B. The equatorial rotation rate (v sin i) is 4.0 km/s, compared to 2 km/s for the Sun.

82 G. Eridani is a high-velocity star—it is moving quickly compared to the average—and hence is probably a member of Population II, generally older stars whose motions take them well outside the plane of the Milky Way. Like many other Population II stars, 82 G. Eridani is somewhat metal-deficient (though much less deficient than many), and is older than the Sun. It has a relatively high orbital eccentricity of 0.40 about the galaxy, ranging between 4.6 and 10.8 kiloparsecs from the core. Estimates of the age of this star ranged from 6 to 12 billion years.

This star is located in a region of low-density interstellar matter (ISM), it has a large astropause that subtends an angle of 6″ across the sky. Relative to the Sun, this star is moving at a space velocity of 101 km/s, with the bow shock advancing at more than Mach 3 through the ISM.

It has two habitable worlds: a Super earth jungle planet on the inside of the goldilocks zone and a ocean world on the outer edge of the goldilocks zone. The first three planets however are all rocky lava worlds. It has two ice planets near Oceania. It has another six mesoplanets rounding our the system.

  • 82.G Eridani B, Super-earth lava planet
  • 82.G Eridani C, Super-earth lava planet
  • 82.G Eridani D, Super-earth lava planet
  • Haderia
  • Oceania
  • 82.G Eridani G, Ice planet
  • 82.G Eridani H, Ice planet
  • 82.G Eridani I, mesoplanet
  • 82.G Eridani J, mesoplanet
  • 82.G Eridani K, mesoplanet
  • 82.G Eridani L, mesoplanet
  • 82.G Eridani M, mesoplanet
  • 82.G Eridani P, mesoplanet

82G Eridani

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