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  • Angelica Symmes

    Angelica has some experience with planetary surveys and is trained in wilderness survival. She is a career soldier with a great deal of intelligence, is remarkably sophisticated, and well read. Before joining the marines she got a degree in primitive …

  • Winston Marlboro

    Winston is a very formal and distant character. He is experienced and well trained, but unimaginative and conventional. He has an unblemished record, but it is becoming clear that he has reached his peak and is now coasting downhill.

  • Brett Williams

    Brett was a US Marines and part of the MSOR (Marine Special Operations Regiment) with the rank of Sergeant before taking part in the Rebellion effort to seize the Discovery.

  • Zhao Yun Ziyang

    General Zhao Yun Ziyang is one of the top Marine commanders in the African Union of the United Earth Governments Regional Guard. His family was one that went to Africa to develop it's industrial base in the early 21st century and managed to prosper. In the …

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