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  • Jennifer Durand

    Jennifer was a member of the US Air Force as a First Lieutenant who joined the Rebellion and became the Captain of the Discovery during the Early Space Era. She would then become the first Ship Captain in the Ceres Homeguard and battle the forces of Earth …

  • Jason Rogers

    Jason was a pilot almost fresh out of aerospace training with the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant when he accepted the role of pilot for the Rebellion aboard the Discovery.

  • Mark Sabastian

    Mark was a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer before being tasked by the Rebellion to head the engineering team for the Discovery. His understanding of the drive system is minimal, but his experience with the nuclear power system was extensive.

  • Lisa Jenkins

    Lisa was a US Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class serving on a carrier before taking an offer from the Rebellion to act as the communications tech for the Discovery.

  • Brett Williams

    Brett was a US Marines and part of the MSOR (Marine Special Operations Regiment) with the rank of Sergeant before taking part in the Rebellion effort to seize the Discovery.

  • Abagail Wright

    Abagail, or Abby to her friends, born to the Upper Middle Class in Australia, excelled at school, and graduated with a education as a medical Doctor. She joined the Peace Corps and ended up working in the rural United States which was suffering under …

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