Waylen Nexus


Waylen Nexus is the name for a mostly uninteresting system with a yellow star, or so it seemed from astronomical investigations. It’s main claim to notoriety was it’s closeness to several other worlds making it a good location for a hub or nexus (hence the name) to reach those other systems.

However a recent interstellar probe survey detected a planet in the habitable zone of the system with a nitrogen/oxygen mix and planetary temperatures averaging slightly above freezing (temperatures ranging from 25C to -20C with an average of 5C). Due to this discovery a survey mission was commissioned to investigate.

The possibly habitable world is referenced as Mamar. Early reports suggest it has a large arctic zone which falls off into wider temperate zones toward the equator and finally a good sized tropical zone in the equatorial zone itself. It has a slightly less than 24 hour day (23 hours, 56 minutes) and near Earth gravity (0.98G). There was some indications that the atmosphere may have higher than average traces of toxic compounds, so it is suggested the survey teams take precautions. That said it may still be suited to colonization at some point if the survey team finds otherwise favorable conditions.

Waylen Nexus

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