Vulcan Assault Weapon



Era: Modern Space Era
Manufacturer: Ares Corporation
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Multi-Barrel Electrothermal-Chemical Liquid Propellant (ETCLP) SMG
Size: Small
Ammo: 2mm Flechette ETCLP, 200 Round Box
Fire Rate: Automatic (Short Burst, Full Burst)
Power: D-
Penetration: D-
Range: 50m
Accuracy: D
Endurance: C-
Accessories: SWI (Secure Wireless Interface)


The Vulcan Assault Weapon is often called the pocket minigun, with three rotating barrels and rapidly firing tiny 2mm rounds. The Vulcan is more a suppression weapon than anything else, it lacks the power to penetrate armor or do any real damage to vehicles. However soft armor and unarmored people are very vulnerable to the impact of these rounds.

Vulcan Assault Weapon

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