United Kingdom Government

The United Kingdom Government (UKG) is the formal government of the Delta Pavonis system that developed in the wake of the Colony Rebellion. Three worlds: Fearach, Victoria, and Northwind make up the bulk of the people with the UKG. The people of the UKG almost universally come from the British Isles on Earth.

The United Kingdom System Fleet (UKSF) was once a full military force during the Colony Rebellion, however at this point it has become a policing body. However it also has a traditional role and maintains the Camden Light Cruisers left from the the rebellion in active service.

Home System: Delta Pavonis

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Tinder, Asteroid belt A mining facility
  • Fearach Orbital Tether Facility
  • Victoria Orbital Tether Facility
  • Northwind Orbital Tether Facility
  • Thatch, Asteroid belt B mining facility

Military Assets:

United Kingdom Government

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