TTA-50 Automag



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Argent Arms
Government(s)/Organization(s): UEG
Type: Electrothermal-Chemical Liquid Propellant (ETCLP) Handgun/Pistol
Size: Small
Ammo: 10mm Short ETCLP, 20 Rounds (Standard), 30 Rounds (Extended)
Fire Rate: Automatic (Single Shot, Short Burst)
Power: D+
Penetration: D
Range: 100m
Endurance: C


The TTA-50 Automag is an almost direct replacement of the Hammer Pistol for the UEG. Unlike the Hammer it is able to fire in semi-auto mode or in three round short bursts and uses ETCLP. A version in .50 cal (12.5mm) was also made in limited quantities, though these were never used by the UEG as ammo was limited and they had standardized on the 10mm Short ammo.

TTA-50 Automag

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