The Systems Alliance

The first missions to space from the Earth where conducted by existing governments and companies. However during those early days some groups rebelled from the controlling interests of governments and companies during that time and the governments and companies found out how hard it is to actually control things when light seconds or minutes away. The powers that be did continue on the status qua for a time though.

The first step to a modern Systems Alliance came with the formation of a United Earth Government (UEG) replacing the ineffective former united nations. When the first interstellar drive was designed and tested, and proved it worked, things changed. Colonies were started on habitable planets and other interesting locations. These colonies were months away and exerting control over these distances proved unworkable without excessive violence.

In the aftermath of the Colony Rebellion the UEG was disbanded and a new government was formed on Earth the United Earth Council (UEC) who offered to form a new system to control allied human space called the System Alliance (SA). All parties to the SA would have equal power within the government and would operate as an organized alliance each with it’s own domain. From there they created a two system council structure, each full member gets a equal vote and each colony member has a half vote. The Systems Alliance Military protects and acts on behalf of the full members of the system council. Colony worlds have to ‘pay their dues’ and until then are left to run their own militia.

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The Systems Alliance

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