Tantalus System


Tantalus is a system consisting of a red dwarf, ringed by massive clouds of dust and asteroids. Although relatively close by, it is only magnitude 7 in visible light and thus is too dim to see with the unaided eye from Earth and requires at least a small telescope. It was formerly called Lalande 21185, BD+36 2147, Gliese 411, or HD 95735 in the constellation of Ursa Major. It was named Tantalus because of the way the Nanxing captain who performed the system survey described the system as a ‘vision of hell’.

At approximately 8.31 light-years (2.55 parsecs) away it is one of the nearest stars to the Solar System; only the Alpha Centauri system, Barnard’s Star, Luhman 16, WISE 0855–0714 and Wolf 359 are known to be closer. Because of its proximity it is a frequent subject for astronomical surveys and other research. In approximately 19,900 years Lalande 21185 will be at its closest distance of about 4.65 ly (1.43 pc) from the Sun.

Tantalus is best described as a proto-system with the star ringed by massive clouds of dust and asteroids. However it does have several protoplanets gathering up material from the cloud. While nothing in this system is conventionally habitable, the entire system has proven to be resource rich in a wide range of materials from radioactives to exotic elements.

Tantalus has developed into a mining location and home to pirates and rebels during the Interstellar Space Era. No worlds here can support human life and so their is no one primary colony location. Instead thousands of small mining operations exist with the asteroid belts each operating as their own colony. This lead to the government that developed here being named the Tantalus Belt Alliance (or TBA).


  • Pioneer Station
    Pioneer station was constructed by the Fa Jing corporation.
  • Gulliver Station
    Pathfinder constructed and has run Gulliver.
  • Rock of Ages
    The ‘Rock of Ages’ is an asteroid facility constructed into one of the largest asteroids in the system. It has one of the only major ice deposits in the system.


  • Interstellar Era: 300,000
  • Modern Space Era: 3.5 million

Style_13.pngCulture & Fashion:
Culture in Tantalus is bound to the realities of the system. A few larger stations exist, but the biggest portion of the population live on family owned ships. These ships have usually been in use for decades if not a century or more and living life in space is inherently dangerous.

Tantalus System

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