Talon Space Fighter



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Manufacturer: AQX
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
  • Type: Light Space Fighter/Interceptor
  • Size: Small
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed: B
    • Cruise: 30-60G
    • Max: 360G
    • LGS: 3:10
  • Agility: B
  • Armor: D-
  • Endurance: D
  • Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: C


The Talon light space fighter is a very simple small space platform often used for interception. The Talon is fast and maneuverable though is little more than a paper thin cockpit with engines and a couple guns. Getting hit is a funeral for the pilot in this fighter, and for that reason it is often called the ‘widowmaker’. They are also incapable of atmospheric flight, trying to enter at speed will rip the fighter apart.

It is armed exclusively with a pair of laser cannons.

Talon Space Fighter

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