Takashi APP-3 Handgun



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Argent Arms
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Handgun/Pistol
Size: Small
Ammo: 7.5mm Short ETC, 10 Rounds (Restricted), 20 Rounds (Standard), 30 Rounds (Extended), A Cell
Fire Rate: Automatic (Single Shot, Short Burst)
Power: D
Penetration: D
Range: 150m
Endurance: C
Accessories: Built-In Laser Sight, 1 Rail (Top)


The Takashi APP-3 is a classic compact light weight ceramic pistol in line with the classic FN Five-seveN. However unlike earlier designs it uses ETC for a more controlled burn of of the explosives and is a automatic pistol that can fire in semi-auto mode or controlled three round burst mode. It also comes standard with a built-in laser sight that uses the same A cell as the plasma charges.

Takashi APP-3 Handgun

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