Systems Alliance Military

The Systems Alliance Military is split into two branches: the Systems Alliance Navy (SAN) and the Systems Alliance Marines (SAM). Both were created in the aftermath of the Colony Rebellion over a ten year transition period. The Ceres Homeguard and the Colony forces created the structure to be followed and the people of Earth as well as the Colonies eventually began to fill out the bulk of it’s personnel. The SAN and SAM forces inherited all remaining UEG and Colony Rebel vehicles, ships, weapons, and armor. They would eventually go on to prune less desirable gear for the SAM, however the SAN still relies on a lot of old ships.

The San maintains arguably the largest fleet in known space. Unlike militia forces they almost ignore Corvettes using fighters for those duties instead. The Wolverine Corvette is still fairly new and barely larger than most fighters, instead providing support to allied units. While the Claymore Corvette is simply a much smaller Frigate, for when a smaller ship can get the job done.

Among larger ships Frigates, which act as primary system defense vessels, and Light Cruisers, which function as the primary scientific and exploration craft, make up the bulk of the SAN fleet. The handful of Destroyers, from one of four different types, perform most combat focused tasks freeing up other ships to perform other tasks. A number of carriers sit in the various main systems of the SA, allowing fighters to be moved as needed. Usually these are protected by one or more cruisers, though these are rotated as needed among systems.

Almost all large capital ships are kept in the Sol System as a protection force. Though the oldest designs are rarely used for anything except cadet training.

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Systems Alliance Military

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