SVD-11 Assault Rifle



Era: Early Space Era
Manufacturer: Various
Government(s)/Organization(s): Russia, Various
Type: Assault Rifle/Marksmans Rifle
Size: Large/XL
Ammo: 10mm Long LP, 10 Round (Standard)
Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic (Single Fire)
Range: 800m
Accessories: 1 Rail (Top)


The SVD-11 is a variant on the classic SVD series of Russian rifles. It was designed to use the then brand new 10mm Long ammo with Liquid Propellant just before the Corporate Wars. Which made it one of the first LP weapons in regular use, much like their siblings, the AK series, they would be used long after the era they were designed in. It oddly became a favorite ‘hunting’ rifle on many frontier worlds and with colonies often having no weapon restrictions the weapons did not need to be toned down for civilian use.

SVD-11 Assault Rifle

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