Sparrowhawk Small Missile Platform

The Sparrowhawk Small Missile Platform (SSMP) is a Systems Alliance military technology that is only recently entering service. Like other SA missile systems they consist of three components which in turn create the final missile design. However, being the smallest missile system yet designed limits the type of modules that can be used. The most common purpose of this new kind of missile is as a point defense weapon.

Three types of warheads can be used. Typically KP warheads are used against fighters and other small craft so they don’t need to use larger missiles to cripple them. FE and HEC warheads are used in primarily anti-missile roles where a blast radius helps to take out incoming missiles.

Warhead Modules

  • Kinetic Penetrator (KP)
  • Fusion Explosive (FE)
  • High Explosive Concussive (HEC)

Guidance Modules

  • Hyper-Spectral/Guided (HSG)

Engine Modules

  • Short High Maneuverability Fusion Torch (SHMFT)
    • Cruise: 400 G, 20 LS
    • Max: 1600G, 5 LS
  • Short High-G Fusion Torch (SHGFT)
    • Cruise: 400 G, 16 LS
    • Max: 1600G, 4 LS

Sparrowhawk Small Missile Platform

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