Small Craft

Small Craft are what we normally refer to as fighters, shuttles, and corvettes. They tend to be around the same size in practical terms, with the differences becoming more how they are used and what they are meant to do.

Outside of these three types, 2 other types exist which can also be placed into this class: Barges and Yachts. Neither are military vessels however.

All three classes of small craft can be made into what are often referred to as ‘gunships’. A gunship is a heavy fighter, heavy military shuttle, or heavy corvette which is ‘over gunned’ compared to other vessels of it’s class. Often this centers around a single Frigate scale weapon the craft is built around or a truly overwhelming array of smaller weapons. However there is no fundamental difference between a heavy fighter and a fighter gunship or a corvette gunship and a heavy corvette except to denote that it’s primary function is combat.

Types of Small Craft

Small Craft

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