Silent Death Sniper Railgun



Era: Early Space Era
Manufacturer: Variable Dynamics
Government(s)/Organization(s): US and Allies, Various
Type: Portable Railgun
Size: XL
Ammo: 7mm Dart, 20 Rounds (Standard)
Fire Rate: Semi-Automatic (Single Fire)
Range: 3500m
Accessories: 1 Rail (Upper)


The ‘Silent Death’ Sniper Railgun was an experimental system in testing when the corporate wars began. It was the first man portable railgun system and was ‘field tested’ with as many as could be pumped out of the manufacturing facility. Variable Dynamics was dissolved when it went bankrupt, but others had reverse engineered the design and as the most simple railgun design available it saw use again when Colonists fabricated them to fight the UEG.

Silent Death Sniper Railgun

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