SF-14C Aerospace Fighter



  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Solar Frontiers (SF)
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
  • Type: Aerospace Fighter
  • Crew: 1
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • Speed: C+
    • Atmosphere Acceleration
      • Cruise: 1G
      • Max: 2G
    • Space Acceleration
      • Cruise: 1G
      • Max: 6G
    • Atmosphere Speed
      • Cruise: Mach 2
      • Max: Mach 5
  • Agility: C
  • Armor: D
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: 2 Lasers, 2 Missile Launchers (1-2 Shots, 6 Max), 4 Wing Pylons
  • Defenses: Flare/Chafe Launchers
  • Sensors: C-


The SF-14C, and it’s sibling the SF-11C, are the brain child of a small design group in the colonies. Both designs took classic fighter airframe designs and updated them into ‘modern’ platforms during a time most people thought fighters were useless. However when the colony rebellion occurred, the colonies realized they had a problem. Militarily they had almost no firepower on hand and no good facilities to produce large ships from. Solar Frontiers tossed their fighter designs into the ring, which could be built on a planet and travel into orbit. A freighter could also carry dozens of them around if needed to give them punch anywhere. The Colonies excepted the offer even though they did not expect much from them.

The SF-14C has design elements of the classic US F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Strike Eagle, and F/A-18 Hornet. It is larger than it’s SF-11C sibling and carries 4 light lasers, 2 missile launchers, and 4 wing pylons for more missiles and or bombs. Like the SF-11C the lasers have proved of limited value, the missile launchers use the same small missiles as the SF-11C and are also a limited threat, and the wing pylons can only be used if the ship doesn’t need to move between atmosphere and space. In practice these were almost always used during the resistance phase of the UEG invasion and would strike ground targets so they could use their wing pylons. With so few space launch platforms any space operations ruled out use of the wing pylons and reduced it’s firepower.

SF-14C Aerospace Fighter

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