Scion IFV



Era: Modern Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): SAM
Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Size: Small/Medium
Crew: 1+4
Speed: B
Agility: B
Armor: C
Endurance: B
Sensors: B-
Weapons: 1 Light Railgun Turret
Defenses: ECM, ECCM


The Scion IFV is a replacement for the Badger Military Vehicle and Ferret IFV. It is far more durable than those vehicles though otherwise it is very similar. It is generally used as a scout fire support vehicle for an infantry squad.

A single rapid fire light railgun turret provides it’s offensive power. It relies on an ECM and ECCM system for anti-missile defense and to punch through enemy countermeasures to ensure sensor reception.

Scion IFV

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