SAN Armored Transport



  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Ares/Mars Shipyards
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): SAN
  • Type: Freighter
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • Crew: 21 Core, 200 Mission
  • Speed:
    • Cruise:
    • Max:
    • LGS:
  • FTL:
  • Agility: C
  • Armor: C
  • Endurance: B
  • Weapons: 1 Heavy Laser Turret
  • Defenses: ECM
  • Sensors: C
  • Small Craft Capacity:
    • 2 Hangar Bays (2 XL Docks, 4 Medium Docks)


The SAN Armored Transport is a single hulled design produced as a joint venture between Ares and Mars Shipyards. It serves all passenger and cargo needs for the SAN and has full military level drive systems, including LGS. If one had to be stationed on a freighter, these are perhaps some of the most interesting. At least in features.

They are armed with a single heavy laser turret for their own defense. However, unknown to most they also carry up to four medium fighters to offer it more firepower. Typically these are Falcon Space Fighters. Few ever get attacked though, so it is rarely an issue.

SAN Armored Transport

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