Salvage Space Suit



Era: Early Space Era/Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Various
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Space Suit
Armor: Originally D+, Later C
Endurance: Originally C, Later B
Flexibility: D
Environment: Full Recycling Systems, Full Environmental Seals, Integrated Helmet


The original Salvage Space Suit was designed for use in mining in space. They are armored against a certain amount of abuse that is considered common in space mining, but are not very flexible with a heavy rugged backpack that is part of the central frame of the suit. It has a double set of shoulder mounted lights to help illuminate whatever the user is looking at.

The original version of this space suit was developed during the late Early Space Era to be far more durable then old style space suits and those more resistant to harm. Over time it was tweaked and offered by various manufacturers. Some of the most common additions are better materials, articulated shoulder lights, and improved longer lasting environmental recycling systems.

Salvage Space Suit

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