Resources reflect a non-cash form of material wealth. This represents land, buildings, houses, cars, jewelry, art, investments, etc. All these are assets that take time to be converted directly into cash. Moderate levels of this can simply be things like owning a single house, a car/motorcycle, or lots of much smaller things. High levels are more typically inherited assets or accumulated material wealth from a business.

Most often Resources are used to increase the Wealth stress track.


You can use Resources to get yourself out of or past any situation where throwing money at the problem will help, such as committing bribery or acquiring rare and expensive things. Challenges or contests might involve auctions or bidding wars.

Create an Advantage

You might use Resources to grease the wheels and make people more friendly, whether that represents an actual bribe (I Scratch Your Back…) or simply buying drinks for people (In Vino Veritas). You can also use Resources to declare that you have something you need on hand, or can quickly acquire it, which could give you an aspect representing the object.


Resources isn’t used for attacks.


Resources isn’t used to defend.


  • Money Talks
    You can use Resources instead of Rapport in any situation where ostentatious displays of material wealth might aid your cause.
  • Trust Fund Baby
    Twice per session, you may take a boost representing a windfall or influx of cash.
  • Grease the Wheels
    You can use Resources instead of Rapport in any situation where bribes will be accepted. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • Help Wanted, Reward Offered
    You can use Resources instead of Contacts whenever you make it public exactly what or who you are looking for. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • Glitterati
    Money can, in fact, buy friends. You may use Resources in place of Contacts when in high society.
    My Wallet Has A Lot To Say (requires Money Talks)
    +2 to Resources whenever you use the Money Talks stunt.
  • Best That Money Can Buy
    You have a discerning taste and a natural instinct for spending your money to get exactly the best and nothing less. You are at +2 to your Resources whenever making a purchase of something that would be considered “the best.” While this may seem like a discount, it’s not, really, since seeking out the best may mandate a price mark several steps above the baseline; still, this stunt helps to soften the blow. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • Licenses for Everything
    You suffer no increased penalties on Resources rolls related to legal restrictions on goods.
  • Money Is No Object (requires two other Resources stunts)
    Once per session, when called on to roll Resources, you may spend a fate point and simply act as if you had rolled +4 on the dice. You may do this after the fact on a roll. Your Resources skill will then operate at -2 for the rest of the session; you’ve simply tapped into everything at your disposal to make the purchase. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)
  • Rivers of Gold
    Money is just a detail to you. Stripped naked and cast on a desert island, and you’ll be living in luxury in short order. Cast into prison, and you’ll be bribing guards in no time. No situation will restrict your access to your Resources skill. (Fate System Toolkit, p.98)
  • Useful Little Things
    Your pockets are full of useful little things. Whenever you need something, you have it, provided it’s not something too unusual (like a map to Jimmy Hoffa’s body) or too large to fit in a pocket, belt pouch, or backpack. When you say you have something, the GM should be likely to agree. (Fate System Toolkit, p.34)
  • Wholesale Pricing
    Pick a type of business (e.g. supermarket, sporting goods, electronics). You gain +2 to Resources when you attempt to purchase something which that business sells. (Peter Blake)


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