Republika Standard Missile System

The Republika Standard Missile System (RSMS) was designed as a multi-component missile platform by the Republika Guard. It’s not as capable as similar SA or FIC platforms, due to their limited technical abilities, but still allows for a wide range of customization as needed. All Republika missiles are mildly radioactive due to the propulsion system.

Warhead Modules

  • Nuclear Fission Explosive (NFE)
  • High Explosive Multi-Purpose (HEMP)
  • Beam Pumped X-Ray Laser (BPL)

Guidance Modules

  • Thermal (T)
  • Signal Guided/Dumb Fire (D)

Engine Modules

  • Long Nuclear Saltwater Rocket (LNSR)
    • Cruise: 40G, 2 LM
    • Max: 200G, 24 LS

Republika Standard Missile System

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