Republika is a colony established by a group that felt the UEG had destroyed the independence and of it’s member nations and wanted to establish a foothold away from their influence. However the system they arrived in had no habitable planets. The original non-UEG survey had been a failure and wrong about the world they sought to colonize. Even so, they managed to establish orbital and planetary facilities.

The world they went on to create became a highly controlled world with the people in charge requiring strict rules to be obeyed for survival. Technically they call imitate a democracy or republic, but they have a single party system with incredibly strong communist policies and a inherited lineage of leaders backed by ‘blocks’ of voters who vote in line of a ‘block manager’ who then makes sure each person in their block is feed and clothed. The party itself is entirely made up of the wealthy and powerful who keep the ‘lessers’ controlled by providing the basic needs.

They are also highly religious, so much so that their military ranks are even religiously derived. Their military and religion are bound together in a way that is completely alien to outsiders.

Their entire industrial base is managed by their government, with the government creating all ‘industrial groups’ and government party controllers in charge of them. The Government also runs their merchant marine contingent and so controls all shipping within their system.

They were almost universally ignored during the Colony Rebellion, however the Republika leaders feared an invasion attempt so strongly they have heavily invested in building a military. Now that their military is so advanced the Republika leadership is tempted to use it against other nearby systems, though they don’t feel they are quite up to competing with the SAN. Yet.

Militarily they have been building as many large combat focused ships as they can to secure their sovereignty as part of the ‘Grande Republika Flotte’ or GRF. They buy most of their smaller craft from others so they can focus exclusively on these larger ships, this gives them a much smaller ‘screening’ force of light ships then most. However it also gives them a much heavier weight in large ships which lets them come closer to the power of FIC or the SAN in terms of raw power.

Their foot soldiers come from the general populous as do the lower officer ranks of both the GRF and the ‘Chevaliers de la Republika’, their infantry. However moving into flag ranks is basically impossible for anyone not a member of the party. So for a young officer the best thing they can hope for is to show they are so special that they are invited to join the party.

They also have a special operations unit they call the Wraiths. These are girls trained from birth and both genetically and cybernetically enhanced. They are raised in isolation and trained in infiltration, assassination, and intelligence work. They are also often used as concubines by the most important officers in the government.

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