Renault Transport



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): FIC
  • Type: Transport/Tug/Work Pod
  • Size: Small
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed: B (Solo)/D (Tug)
    • LGS: 2:10
    • Solo
      • Cruise: 20-40G
      • Max: 240G
    • Tug
      • Cruise: 10G
      • Max: 40G
  • Agility: B
  • Armor: D-
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: None
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: C+
  • Small Craft Capacity: None


The Renault ‘transport’ is a multi-purpose work pod and tug. It competes to some degree with the Tug Transport, though it is much more expensive. It is probably best known for it’s ‘upside down’ canopy cockpit, which gives it a superior view in many situations. However it also required a special ‘turret’ chair for the pilot which can swivel as needed. The canopy is also the method for entering and leaving the vessel like some fighter craft, though since it’s to large to fit in most ships hangar or flight bays most pilots of the Renault needed to be fully suited to enter their vessel.

Renault Transport

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