Rebel Colonies

The ‘Rebel Colonies’ are the collective colonies of Gliese 876 (Ares), 82G Eridani (Hargut), Delta Pavonis (Victoria), Tantalus, Tau Ceti (Arcadia), and Eta Cassiopeiae (Harmony) that declared their independence from Earth and the UEG during the ‘Colony Rebellion’.


While no other groups were ever ‘directly’, or at least openly, involved in the war several other groups did in fact offer various forms of aid.

The only one to openly see combat was the Hod System, though since it was run by a renegade UEG captain that was highly likely to occur even without a war on the Colonies. Hod acted as a forward base and a support hub for the Colonies. However it never actively sought combat and all the actions it took were ones that benefited them.

While not a ‘government’ the Ceres Homeguard committed direct forces by sending some of their ships in the guise of ‘Ceres Corsairs’. The homeguard also provided covert intelligence on UEG ship movements and ran covert operations on UEG facilities in the Sol system itself. The Ceres government meanwhile actively ran a media campaign while finding ways to run the gauntlet out of the system in freighters to provide supplies to the Colonies. Some of these were simple humanitarian aid, while others were directly military shipments of arms, vehicles, and armor.

While their support was completely mercenary in nature, the Far Isle Company sold weapons, vehicles, armor, and even ships to the Colonies. In fact in by the middle of the conflict FIC ships made the bulk of the Colony ships in service. In exchange the FIC not only got samples of all UEG ships in service, but a rather large war debt the Colonies had to pay back.

Ares Military Assets Upon Declaring Independence

Hargut Forces at the UEG Invasion

Victoria Forces at the UEG Invasion

Arcadia Forces at the UEG Invasion

Harmony Forces at the UEG Invasion

Tantalus Forces at the first battle of Tantalus

Ceres Corsairs

Rebel Colonies

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