Raider Hover Cycle



Era: Modern Space Era
Type: Hover Cycle/Aerodyne
Size: Small
Crew: 1+1
Speed: A+
Agility: B
Armor: D
Endurance: C+
Sensors: C+
Weapons: 2 Railguns
Defenses: 2 Flare/Chaff Launcehrs (1-10 shots, 10 max)


The Raider Hover Cycle fills the classic role of close ground support form the air, though it is far more limited and lighter than earlier designs that fill that role. The Raider uses Gravitic technology and a size similar to a modern motorcycle to provide a fast air borne (though low flying) aerial asset capable of crippling slower vehicles or supporting troops. However lacking missiles it needs to run from aerospace fighters which are much faster than it is and is best suited to chase down things like hover tanks or IFVs.

A pair of railguns are mounted on the bottom of the hull and flare/chaff launchers provide it’s only anti-missile defense.

Raider Hover Cycle

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