Punisher Post Human Missile System

Post Humanity has designed, built, and updated the Punisher Missile System for over a century. Most notably they make a trade-off in their fusion torch engines by going with a middle length design in all their current systems. This gives them a lower range than long missile engines have, but take up less space and still have a considerable range advantage over short engines.

The current space oriented model uses a kinetic penetrating tip covering a small fusion warhead with a hyper-spectral guidance system and a medium length fusion torch engine.

The more general purpose model uses a shaped charge warhead with a secondary high explosive core, it uses Thermal and LIDAR mixed guidance system with a medium fusion torch engine.


  • Cruise: 350G, 1.3 LM
  • Max: 1400G, 20 LS

Punisher Post Human Missile System

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