Power Armor

Power armor is a militarized and armored Exo-Skeleton. Its strength amplifying feature lets a power armor trooper carry squad-support weapons. Many power armor suits have built-in tactical systems such as sensors or weapon mounts, and are designed for hostile environments.

Power armor is much more expensive than ordinary combat armor, and requires more training to use, but they greatly increase effectiveness. A single power armor trooper with heavy weapons can be as effective as an entire squad, and nearly as mobile as an armored vehicle.

Power armor does not run any faster, since the speed is limited by the length of wearers legs, but suits with strong leg muscles can move quickly by using a series of jumps. Wearing a suit is not fatiguing while powered up, as the suit actually supports the wearer.

Power Armor comes in three types: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light Power Armor is basically Heavy Body Armor with muscle enhancement. Medium Power Armor adds even more armor to the point a normal person could probably not move on their own if not for the muscle enhancement. Heavy Power Armor is a wearable robotic vehicle slightly larger than a normal person that usually even has built-in weapons.

Power Armor

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