Post Humanity

Post Humanity is a movement not just to advance humanity as it is now, but to create the humanity of tomorrow. They use eugenics, genetic engineering, and cybernetics to alter the human form. Some amount of genetic engineering of the human form has been around for nearly 200 years now, but they take it to a new level. While ‘Post human’ refers to a large group of people, as a government it particularly refers to the Post Humans of Xiphos station or those who were originally from Xiphos station.

The core group is a government of sorts or maybe is best described as a loose coalition of ‘clans’. Each clan is a single bloodline from the original members of Xiphos station who re-engineered themselves. These clans and so bloodlines constantly compete amongst one another. Competition is a way of life as only the strongest and smartest survive the conflicts between clans. Personal conflict exists as much as clan conflict, with individuals needing to prove their worth to gain fame and prove themselves worthy of offspring. continuation of their blood line is of prime importance to Post Humans (at least from Xiphos).

Not all of them still live on Xiphos station, however. Several clans have left their original homes to claim their place in various colonies. Or even form homes much like pirates in the places others would prefer not to try to live in.

The ‘Military’, if you can call it that, is composed of every single man, woman, and child of sufficient age. Knowledge of weapons, armor, and how to handle small craft are taught to all children of the PH from a very early age. Most children receive their first blade by age five and knife wounds are common signs of the training they receive with that weapon as children.

Their vehicle forces include their own designs as well as ships they purchased from third parties. They have a vast preference for fighters and other small craft that allow them to act in more one on one combat to show the ability and daring of the individual. That said small teams for ships the size of frigates are also common, however cruisers of all types are unheard of as are ships even larger. The sole exception to this is the Excalibur Fleet Carrier. The fact it is a carrier and effectively run by a single clan is probably what allows it to work.

Home System:

  • Xiphos Station, Sol

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

MIlitary Assets:

Post Humanity Fleet

Ground Forces

Post Humanity

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