Poleaxe APC



Era: Modern Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): SAM
Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Size: Medium
Crew: 2+6
Speed: B
Agility: B
Armor: B
Endurance: B
Sensors: B-
Weapons: 1 Railgun
Defenses: ECM, 2 Flare/Chaff Launcehrs (1-40 shots, 80 max)


The Poleaxe APC is a refinement on the Drifter IFV. It increases the armor protection of the Drifter and switches the wheels for smart tracks, but functionally remains identical.

It mounts a single rapid fire railgun for offensive punch which has a shorter barrel than the one on the Drifter, though it is equally capable to the older design. It has a ECM system and a pair of retractable mini-flare/chaff launchers for anti-missile use.

Poleaxe APC

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