Polaris Main Battle Tank



Era: Modern Space Era
Type: Main Battle Tank
Size: Medium/Large
Crew: 3
Speed: C+
Agility: B-
Armor: A
Endurance: A
Sensors: C+
Weapons: 2 Railguns, 4 Lasers
Defenses: Stealth Hull, ECM, ECCM


The Polaris Main Battle Tank is designed to replace older designs such as the Bishop Main Battle Tank, Rhino Tank, and Jaguar A4 Tank. It however makes use of all the advances in tank technology that were practical including a Stealth hull, ECM/ECCM for defense, and UV lasers. It’s firepower against other tanks is insane as it has enough firepower to take out another Polaris in a single volley if it hits the right things.

The Polaris has all six weapon systems in it’s primary turret which includes a pair of matched railguns and four fixed lasers. It has a stealth hull to absorb radar and lidar emissions and ECM/ECCM modules for anti-missile defense.

Polaris Main Battle Tank

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