Penemuan Transport



  • Era: Early Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Singapore Station
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Varied
  • Type: Transport/Freighter
  • Crew: 2 min-24 max
  • Size: Large
  • Speed: C
    • Cruise: 1G
    • Max: 4G
  • Agility: B
  • Armor: F
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: Traditionally none, otherwise 4 railgun turrets, 2 Standard Missile Launchers (1-6, 36)
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: C
  • Small Craft Capacity:
    • 4 Hangar Bays (4 XL Docks)


The Penemuan or Discovery class Transports were the second generation of true spacecraft built above Earth replacing the Ikhtiar (Initiative/Endeavor) that would travel to the moon. The Penemuan are long range intrasystem transports first used to reach Mars and the Asteroid Belt from Earth. They were made famous or even infamous during the early space era rebellions. During which they were converted into q-ships or converted freighter combat craft.

There design is rather unique if for no other reason than the quad engines on both fore and aft sections. This design element lets them not have to worry about reversing thrust by flipping the ship. It is also useful in combat allowing odd rapid changes in velocity. The Rear hull has a rotating ‘gravity’ ring for limited gravity in certain sections or causing the whole ship to roll. The central hull has exterior mounting points for cargo containers as well as the upper and lower rear hull. It also carries a hangar bay with four access points for launching tugs and shuttles.

They ended up being some of the longest lasting spacecraft having been made in the mid-21st century and sometimes still used, though these days most have scene major updates on the classic hull, since original hulls have long since lost their integrity from wear and tear as well as general stress.


The most common later version of the Penemuan adds a hydraulically actuated heat shield that can be moved over the engines on either end. The first of this type was the Lancelot during the rebellion period of the early space era. The Lancelot also came with a pair of three shot missile launchers and a quartet of dual railgun turrets.

Penemuan Transport

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