Pathfinder Tactical Armor



Era: Modern Space Era
Manufacturer: Pathfinder
Government(s)/Organization(s): Pathfinder, Various
Type: Light Body Armor
Armor: C-
Endurance: C+
Flexibility: B-
Features: LGS Adaptive Interface, Sealed Environmental Suit, Filtered Helmet


Pathfinder Tactical Armor is a unique product commissioned by the Pathfinder company for use in planetary survey missions. This armor costs a small fortune to make and borders the gap between light armor and medium armor. What makes it cost so much is the incorporation of a LGS Adaptive Interface system, which can act as both a G-Tolerance mechanism and can reduce impacts from a variety of sources such as falls. The downside is it has limited power, which is rated in total G per power cell and a normal power cell has 10G total power.

Pathfinder Tactical Armor

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